Your farts, that´s the power
How long am i supposed to fly here?
It doesn´t rain and it doesn´t rain
Acid rains on their way
Money + Dolars + Euros
Healthy food = Awesome farts
I think I ate paper also.
What, you haven't seen a tooth fairy yet?
Turn off that heating already!
That wasn´t a fart?
I shouldn´t have taken thah viagra, I can´t even move.
What about water? Should I swim in the meadow here?
I ate a booger, is it okay?
Eat faster they´re coming!
I bit my tongue again
Bro, do you have fire?
Close that egg, It smells all the way here!
Look, socks.
Well they drank all the kid wine. Now They can´t talk, even walk.
Wild swine on a skateboard, well I´ll be da..ed
Do you have any idea how I dissassembled it?
Have you seen Roberto?
Do you see that chick?
Do you know where is Roberto?
One more candle should do it
I think I´m going to throw up from that risotto.
Do you want a carrot, or a risotto?
Did you seen my panties?
Fartman is running in them all day.
Try to fart here in my cigarette
I bet you can´t make it stinkier
That are some hams.
You´re a little sclerous
Is anybody there?
I´ll take a little nap here.
When you baked me, then eat me.
I don´t understand, She didn´t give me like.
I will never drink again.
Everybody is eating, only I am still grilling
I Love Beer ... Chrrrrrrrr ... Love ... Chrrrrrrrr ...
I can´t eat anymore, I think I am going to blow up
Yum bone
Have you seen Roberto?
Who would eat in here.